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Chris Rochell is a musician at heart. It all began when his mother surprised him with piano lessons at age 10, that led to touring in a top 40 band and a rock band. Fast forward 20 years later and he is producing CDs, creating Chris Rochell’s “It’s all about having fun” piano books and teaching piano lessons in Windermere, FL.

Chris Rochell began his love of playing the piano with his first piano lesson at the age of 10 and continued developing his piano skills throughout the next ten years with lessons. In college, he was classically trained playing Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Haydn. Later, he joined a top 40 band that played cover songs throughout the East Coast. After the band stopped touring, Chris began teaching private piano lessons in Ocoee, FL. Three months into teaching piano lessons, Chris joined a rock band, It’s All Over (I.A.O.). The band gained popularity and played throughout Florida and caught the attention of CBS Records. The album, 1988, led to CBS Records offering the band a two year record deal. The record deal did not come to fruition but all the while, his piano lesson business was flourishing.

Since 1985 Chris has been teaching students piano lessons in Windermere and the surrounding areas. Chris learned to play cover songs by ear and uses that technique to teach piano lessons to children. His method enables the students to begin playing on the first day of lessons. Piano lessons by Chris are not your typical piano lessons, the kids look forward to and really enjoy the lessons.

In 2016, Chris published Chris Rochell’s “It’s All About Having Fun” piano books. The music in the piano books are the favorite songs of his piano students and encourage the students to have fun playing the piano. The same year Chris launched Chris Rochell and re-released the It’s All Over 1988 album. He is excited to share his love of creating music with his students.

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It’s all about having fun with music

“Remember, there is no rule that you must play as written. Be creative, open your mind and most of all, “HAVE FUN!” “

Chris Rochell