Piano Lessons

Chris Rochell

Chris Rochell – Piano Teacher

  • Chris Rochell will come to your home to teach piano lessons.
  • Piano moms love the fact they do not have to load up their children like they do with sports and other lessons.
  • No piano needed, a Casio keyboard with 76 keys is all that is needed for piano lessons.

What to Expect for Piano Lessons

My students begin playing the first day of lessons. The “heart” of my method is that I do not teach note reading for the first nine months to two years, all depending upon the students age, intellect and talent. Students learn by imitating me. What takes other piano teachers three years to accomplish, I am accomplishing with students in three to six months.

You see it… eyes
You hear it… ears
You feel it… hands

Piano Recital

All students may participate in the piano recital held every May. Since 1985, the recitals have been held at First Baptist Church in Windermere. My students enjoy being able to showcase their abilities in front of an audience.

Why My Students Continue Taking Lessons

As a piano teacher, I understand the importance of developing a repoire with the student and making the lesson a fun learning experience. It is not unusual for my students to stay with me for three to seven years. Those extremely talented students are the ones that continue taking lessons for eight to ten years.

Piano Lesson Pricing

  • 30 minutes, $50
  • 45 minutes, $60
  • 60 minutes, $70