Chris Rochell


My Niche: Getting Students To Play Immediately!

Children learn to play the piano easily by watching and then repeating the notes. My goals are to build your child's ego, have fun and listen to a wide variety of styles. Then, six to twelve months later, I will begin to teach notes. This keeps students excited and motivated!

Lessons will be taught in the comforts of your own home.


Coming Soon by Chris Rochell

3 New Piano Books!

  • - "It's All About Having Fun", EASY PIANO
  • - "It's All About Having Fun", CHORDS! CHORDS! CHORDS!
  • - "It's All About Having Fun", SWINGING OCTAVES


Techno-Pop CD

1. Japan Dance   2. Groover   3. Trance


The 1988 Album "It's All Over" by: IAO

Rock band I was in from: 1985-1990

1. Redtowne   2. Seven   3. The Melting Woman   4. No Rose   5. Rain


Music Videos Will Be Available on YouTube!
Hard Copy or Digital Downloads!


Launch Date 2016!