Chris Rochell

My Niche: Getting Students To Play Immediately!

Children learn to play the piano easily by watching and then repeating the notes. My goals are to build your child's ego, have fun and listen to a wide variety of styles. Then, six to twelve months later, I will begin to teach notes. This keeps students excited and motivated!

Lessons will be taught in the comforts of your own home.


Recital Footage: 10 Year Old Carly

In this video, Carly is on stage at her recital. I join her at the piano and we jam together. Notice how she "feels" the beat. You cannot "teach" feeling, either you have it or you don't.

Recitals are once a year, usually in October or November at the First Baptiste Church Windermere on Main Street.

There are three age groups:  A) 9 and under  B) 10-12   C) 13 and up


1989 - IAO

After being classically trained, I discovered keyboard synthesizers. This was the rock band I was in from 1985-1990 (best years of my life!). Notice I am surrounded by "3".

Today's technology is amazing. Casio keyboard synthesizers 76 keys for $200!

My Salad Days!